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Andrea Burelli is a Venetian composer and musician based in Berlin. Besides her private studies in violin, tabla, piano and voice, she holds a master's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and a master's degree as part of a Ph.D. program at the University of Bilbao.

Andrea's work has received support from renowned institutions such as the Spatial Sound Institute Budapest, Moog Instruments x Superbooth Festival, and Amplify Berlin Music Residency. She has also received multiple grants and funding in Germany in support of her productions such as Musikfonds and Initiative Musik. Andrea has contributed podcasts for Rinse France, Cashmere Radio, Reboot.FM, Rádio Quântica, and is DJ Resident at Refuge Worldwide. She has released limited tapes, vinyl, and CDs through American Dreams Records, Lontano Series, and Rohs! Records under her own name as well as other aliases such as Bodyverse. Her last work Sonic Mystics for Poems (of Life and Death of a Phoenix) has been released in November 2023 and it has been presented as a solo performance at CTM Vorspiel 2024 and at Morphine Raum with her ensemble.

Andrea Burelli embodies a unique fusion of artistic roles, seamlessly blending lyricism, composition, and vocal performance. She navigates across diverse genres with fluidity, resulting in a creative output as multifaceted as her own persona. In her latest creations, she defies categorization, effortlessly weaving together elements of art song, contemporary music, pop, and electronic sounds. With a nod to imaginary Italian folklore and a contemporary reinterpretation of neoclassical chamber music, inspired by the music of the Mediterranean and Hindustani classical music, Burelli's compositions offer a forward-looking exploration of modern vocal abstractions. Her music transcends temporal boundaries, seamlessly merging ancient traditions with futuristic sonic landscapes.