Andrea Burelli 

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“Andrea Burelli combines many different roles in one person: the Berlin-based artist is a lyricist, composer, musician and singer all rolled into one. For her self-released album »Sonic Mystics for Poems (of Life and Death of a Phoenix)↗,« she enlisted the help of Mari Sawada (violin) and Sophie Notte (cello) from the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop to set the musical scene for her texts. The result is as versatile as she herself: Art song meets contemporary music meets pop meets electronic sounds.”
INM | Field Notes | Contemporary Music Berlin

“... it embodies imaginary Italian folklore and neoclassical (appropriately used here) chamber music, akin to contemporary, forward-looking exploration of modern vocal abstractions and AI experiments, much like Holly Herndon's or Marina Herlop's. A partial praise, a partial rejection. This is how the new and the good emerge.”
Groove Magazine 

“Arriving from cold Berlin (…) emerges this ancient and futuristic chant dedicated to the Mediterranean, the cradle of myths and dreams that can enchant.”

“Another beauty arising directly from the COVID-19 isolation is "How To Survive Difficult Times Vol.1 I (Rohs! Records/Lontano Series)" by Andrée Burelli, better known as the modular synthesizer goddess Bodyverse”
Groove Magazine

The more formally composed De Sidera, released under her given name, is a departure in many ways from the sparser, more esoteric nature of her improvised work”

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